SW Idaho snow goose hunts


Fourflyways.com offers guided duck & goose hunts in SW Idaho. Check out the Guided hunts link for more info.
 NOW BOOKING for 2015/2016 season!

Now offering self guided duck hunts on our duck ponds!

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Real-Geese Silos NOW IN STOCK!! 15-20% OFF

THE CLONE™ by Feather Flyers. Coming mid Sept 2015


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Dakota Wind socks NOW AVAILABLE!!
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Welcome to Fourflyways.com. We offer guided duck and goose hunts in SW Idaho and sell Waterfowl Decoys, Blinds, & Accessories. We sell Feather Flyer decoys and accessories, FlyRight Machines, Dakota Decoys, Real-Geese, Tanglefree decoys and blinds, Lucky Duck Products, & Deception Outdoors. Being avid waterfowlers, we pride ourselves in selling only products that have been proven to be effective in decoying birds in close. We are the only dealer to carry the all new curved wing model Feather Flyers that are fully flocked. These flyers have electrostatic flocking, no other flyer on the market kills more snow geese then these. Pair these up with the FlyRight rotary machine built by Mike Franklin of Pacific Wings Outfitters and you have a deadly combination. The FlyRight machines come in a 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, & 30 bird models. The choice is yours.

When it comes to decoying Snow geese, numbers are the name of the game. That's where Tanglefree Slammer Socks come into play. These lightweight windsocks are the best on the market. The stainless steel backbone system keeps the decoy upright in no wind conditions, and provides a bounce when the wind blows simulating a feeding goose. They come with 28" fiberglass stakes that keep the decoy elevated, and allow the windsocks to rotate when the wind shifts. Highly recommended product from Fourflyways.com.


              Feather Flyers and FlyRight Machines

                                            Tanglefree Pro Series Snow Goose Slammer Sock
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The 24 Bird FlyRight Machine



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